Burgers, especially smash burgers, are one of the most delicious foods you can enjoy. Therefore, planning to make the most of every burger meal makes complete sense. To turn your plan into reality, you have to make the right choices. And this starts with the choice of sides. Yes, because when placing an order for a burger, it is better to add certain other food items from the Romeos Burgers sides section. Only then is your meal considered complete. Hence, Sides for Burgers are vital, and you should clearly know what to order and what not.

Food, its impact and importance

Food is not only about enjoyment and appeasing one’s appetite. Food is a love language worldwide. People love eating delicious meals and sharing their favourite dishes with loved ones. They cook the favourite foods of their loved ones and spend hours perfecting these dishes. Keeping such practices in mind, it is only natural that what you are ordering to complement a dish becomes an important decision and not something trivial that you can ignore. For example, it doesn’t make much sense to order pizza without placing an order for freshly baked garlic bread as well.

Why you should try and find the right combination

Likewise, the meal will remain incomplete if you do not order the perfect side dishes along with your burger. Moreover, the harmony you wished to create at the dining table for a meal will remain incomplete. Therefore, researching and gathering information is necessary to help you choose the right dishes for your burger. Such efforts will reveal that people usually order a serving of French fries along with their burger and sometimes a soft drink. Sometimes they opt for both fries and soft drinks while ordering the burger. You can select to follow one of these two methods mentioned, or you can choose a different approach altogether.

The available choices for you

For example, together with our House Fries and soft drinks, you can choose to order a portion of Romeo’s Chicken Wings. We are adding more flavours to our Chicken Wings section (like our delicious Korean Wings), and you can select any of them to make your meal more interesting and fulfilling. If you do not wish to stray from the tradition of fries, then it is possible to do some experiments. For example, instead of the regular House Fries, you can order Skin on Fries, Spiral fries, Wedges, Onion Rings, Waffle Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeño Bites and more. In short, the number of available options is mouth watering.

Enjoying your meal every time

Now that you know several side dishes are available to accompany your order for a burger, it will become easier to enjoy your meal. If you do not go for our smashed 100% pure beef burger every once in a while, then experimenting with all these different combinations can continue for a long while. If you are a person who often opts for a smash burger as a meal, then you will now have the option to introduce considerable variety in that routine. You can begin combining different fries with your burger to make the meal more interesting and delicious. This way, you will still follow the regular practice, but with a twist.

Following the tradition, but with a twist

Different types of fries will bring forth the opportunity to explore different combinations of burgers and find out which one you like the most. Each variety may be delicious, but you may end up liking one or a
couple of them the most. Experimenting is one of the most effective ways of finding out your preferences. This way, along with the burger, you will know all about the Sides for Burgers and order without wasting time or getting confused. Another point you need to remember is that food has a huge impact on one’s mood.

Finding your favourite and knowing the winning combination

The need for comfort food cannot be overstated because, more often than not, we depend on a particular dish or kind of food when they are feeling down. The mention of such food and the chance of enjoying it
works as an immediate mood booster. If you are already aware of the perfect combination you like the most when it comes to burgers and side dishes, you can place an order anytime you like. The food will then boost your mood, fill your stomach and bring forth considerable positivity to your day. It may seem simple enough, but its huge impact cannot be ignored.
Please check out Romeos Burgers menu for both Smash Burgers and side dishes to experiment with. Once you have found the perfect combination for yourself, every burger meal will become special. Please place your order today to try the delicious food we offer and enjoy gastronomical bliss like our other customers

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